Silk Plaster Material Preparation


Surface should be dry, clean and evenly white, without any stains. Remove old wallpapers, nails and etc. Plane surface with plaster/stucco and prime it in 2-3 layers with the original Silk Plaster primer, drying time between layers 3-4 hours. Plane the color with white mat paint.

To prevent rusting cover pointwise with oil-based paint places where rust may occur (bolts, screws, nails, tacks and etc.)


1. Pour out room temperature water into the plastic tube. Use 6 liters for 1 pack with Silk Plaster or 4.5 liters for types “Nord”, “East” and “Ecodécor”.

2. Add glitters into the water. Shake the pack to spread the mixture inside evenly. Whereupon, pour out the mixture into the plastic tube and mix by hands well, straining through the fingers to avoid formation of glue clots.

ATTENTION: Not allowed the partial kneading of the pack.

For each surface prepared for application, it is recommended to knead the number of packs to cover it entirely from corner to corner from one batch. Since minor color variations from batch to batch are possible, it is recommended as consumed to add a new batch and mix with the rest.

3. Leave the kneaded batch for recommended period (12 hours) to get soaked properly before applying. Whereupon mixed the soaked batch manually again. Add up to 1 liter of room temperature water for easier application.

4. Taking small portions apply the soaked material with the plastic trowel evenly on the surface with the layer (1-2 mm). Use the same batch to cover surface from one corner to another. Plastic trowel must adjoin to the material at an angle of 10-15 degrees, forming a wedge.

For an ideal application of Silk Plaster in 1-2 hours, using side lighting, smooth out the surface with the plastic trowel, soaking it in water time to time.

The indoor temperature must not fall below +15 ° C, humidity – normal.

Drying time: 24-48 hours depending on indoor temperature and humidity. Ventilation is recommended.

To avoid roughness of the surface and appearing of the base plate, please follow the specified material consumption.