Silk Plaster Concept

So what is SILK PLASTER and why it is better than any other design solution?

SILK PLASTER is a wall and ceiling indoor coating for interior finishing giving the surfaces the silk effect. Applicable to most of interior surfaces. The covering consists only of natural products: silk and cellulose fibers, decorative mineral additives and adhesive glue. Thanks to these components, SILK PLASTER is environmentally friendly, natural plaster, what is highly important during nowadays. The product is VOC free, it has A+ ranking in France and the best results around Europe.

In comparison with other wall coverings like stucco veneziano, faux painting, venetian plaster or polished plasters, SILK PLASTER is very easy applicable on the wall – it is DIY plaster (see Instruction). The absence of joints eliminates the need to match the image, the common problem of ordinary wallpapers. This is one of the reasons why Silk Plaster gets such great reviews.

At SILK PLASTER GROUP, we have been manufacturing innovative, high quality interior wall coverings for over 17 years. We have wide and growing network of partners world wide helping to deliver products to any place of the World. Starting from the houses of Seoul and mansions of Sydney to the villas in Dubai and flats in Berlin, Paris and Toronto, people are choosing us more and more. Our customers love usability, eco friendliness and the great tactile style of covered surfaces.

SILK PLASTER has received a number of awards and prizes – testament to sustainable quality and intelligent detail solutions. Thus, for example, the SILK PLASTER won the “E3 Awards 2014” – award in the category of dry mixtures. This award is granted by well-known eco specialists and considered as the best eco award in building materials. Furthermore, we received even more prestigious award – “GAIA Awards 2010”, which was given by different organizations, including European Regional Development Fund.

SILK PLASTER is our soul and specialty. We manufacture top quality authentic eco-friendly Interior wall coverings. We produce our goods with love and grant 8 years of warranty for our materials.

At last, we believe that silk wall covering should be available to most of consumers, that’s why we target to make SILK PLASTER more and more competitive in terms of pricing. Currently we are leading alternative to paints, wallpapers, effect wall coatings and other cheap wallcoverings. SILK PLASTER is more affordable than most of it’s alternatives (see catalogue).

Components of Silk Plaster:

As raw ingredients we use only natural products. The Health Institute has approved Silk Plaster as a health care product and recommended its use. Furthermore, The Building Information Foundation RTS (Helsinki, Finland) has proven that the material is safe and granted us M1 certification. Our product is corresponding to French A+ and fully complies with AgBB scheme in Germany. SILK PLASTER has been also granted with CE mark, confirming that it is 100% safe. SILK PLASTER meets current fire safety standards, and in case of combustion it does not extract toxic gases. SILK PLASTER eco-friendly wallpaper do not contain any allergens and are even safer than anti allergetic paints.

At SILK PLASTER GROUP we have high demands to our team and our suppliers. We are involved in the entire development and production process starting from scratch. All the raw materials: fibers, cotton, cellulose, decorative and mineral additives, glue and many other pieces are developed and supplied exclusively for SILK PLASTER.

Each SILK PLASTER item receives additional final quality inspection at the end of the production line. During the production process and after, we have developed our own multilayered system of control. All our wall coverings are produced according to international standards and are certified by several international organizations.

Scope of Silk Plaster:

SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper applicable to any indoor premises, including residential, commercial and public properties by manual and automatic application methods. SILK PLASTER provides unlimited opportunities for creation of customized interior. Furthermore, our products allow to renovate and easily to change the chosen color to any other color of SILK PLASTER. We provide 8 years warranty on our products. See more about our projects in the references.

We have more than 100 colors of SILK PLASTER. All of them are perfectly combined with other materials. Some colors perfectly fit with other colors (see, for example, West 931 and East 951 or West 932 and East 952). On our website you can buy liquid wallpaper online.

Note: Gold or silver glitters in the form of small dots or thin filaments will add the solemnity and luxurious look to any apartment. However, glitters are not included and are supplied separately.

The Advantages of Silk Plaster: Why should Silk Plaster be used for walls and ceilings?

First of all, our wall covering is VOC and odor free, eco-friendly and healthy. Secondly, it is durable. Duration of usage exceeds 10-15 years, while in case of damage it is easy to repair and renovate it. Thirdly, our product is fixed on the wall very well, so over the years the material won’t peel off. At last, the SILK PLASTER wall covering is anti-static, dust does not stick to walls, so there will be no need to clean it.

In the most of the cases walls and ceilings are not ideal. One of the advantages of SILK PLASTER interior finishing is ability to even the surface and fill in the gaps in areas of adjoining frames, casings, baseboards, electrical outlets and switches.

Our RD department has developed SILK PLASTER with ultraviolet resistance, thus the color does not change. Each new color is checked on UV stability. When SILK PLASTER is dry, it cannot be affected by temperature fluctuations or smells.

Even when new houses are settling, there will be no cracks on the walls covered by SILK PLASTER. Microporous texture, soft to the touch, makes additional heat and sound insulation, improves acoustics.

Another definite benefit of Silk Plaster is possibility of partial reparation of damaged surface. In case of the damage, simply moisten the affected area with warm water and remove damaged or dirty part of the surface. Put on the following place the”patch”.In the result of your partial renovation, the wall covering will look like new without any flaws or joints. Therefore, Silk Plaster can be safely used in children’s rooms, with no fear of Arts of young talents.