Joint-Free Surface

Using SILK PLASTER results in a perfectly smooth joint-free surface. The coating does not form bubbles or cracks. When varnish is applied as a topcoat, the surface can be regularly cleaned and kept in optimum condition.

Buildings often experience small structural moves. If this happens to your building, the surface will still remain flat because of the elasticity of our material. Indeed, the surface will remain smooth for years even as temperatures are constantly changing. Moreover, little imperfections can easily be covered with SILK PLASTER.


Easy Application and Repair

SILK PLASTER is extremely easy to apply with minimal preparation of the surface required. No glue or other products are needed. In fact, all you need is the SILK PLASTER material and water.

SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper has one big advantage in that you can easily carry out quick restoration work of surfaces when needed. If a little damage occurs, then the good news is you don’t have to redecorate the whole surface! Just apply some water on the damaged part and flatten the area you want to redecorate using a trowel.


Creating the Interior You Desire

Our great variety of colours and textures offer you the opportunity to create whatever kind of interior you desire from simple monochrome to complex patterns, for the workplace or for your family home. With over 500 shades and textures, SILK PLASTER gives everyone the opportunity to express their interior design creativity. 

Environmentally Friendly

SILK PLASTER finishing materials are created from natural materials. The main components are cellulose fibres, minerals and an adhesive. This use of natural raw materials and strictly controlled production technology result in an environmentally-friendly internationally-certified coating material that is both safe and beautiful for homes and workspaces.


Hypoallergenic Material

We care about our customers’ health and the environment. No compounds that can cause allergy are emitted from any surface covered with SILK PLASTER, while another advantage of this material is that dust and pathogenic microorganisms do not settle on SILK PLASTER surfaces. SILK PLASTER is, therefore, suitable for decoration in all home, public and office spaces, including those used by children.



Naturalness and environmental friendliness
Doesn't burst
Fragmentary repair
Seamless surface
Possibility of do-it-yourself
Additional noise isolation and thermal insulation
Drawing on relief surfaces of an arch, a column etc.
Masking of cracks and roughnesses