Five Advantages of Using Silk Plaster

1. Perfect walls without seams, cracks or bubbles
SILK PLASTER can be applied on any walls and forms a uniform covering without seams. At the same time liquid wallpaper doesn’t bubble and doesn’t peel away from the wall with changes of temperature and humidity. Liquid wallpaper doesn’t burst with shrinkage of the house.
2. Quick repair of small damages
Has your wallpaper been damaged during the movement of furniture? The cat has scratched wallpaper? It’s not a problem. Just scatter water on the affected area and level it out again. That’s all! Liquid wallpaper looks brand new.
3. Unlimited creative scope
In contrast to simple wallpaper and other finishing materials, decorative SILK PLASTER is easily applied on any uneven surface. Ordinary walls and unusual spaces turn into unique interiors. Just choose from our wide variety of stunning colours and textures in our catalogue.
4. Your Family’s Health
SILK PLASTER is an odourless and completely natural product. It is also hypoallergenic. Your home won’t be filled with any nasty chemical smells, and can safely be used in children’s bedrooms and all areas of your home. Even if in case of a fire, this decorative plaster doesn’t emit any noxious chemicals. In case of a flood, liquid wallpaper is easily repaired. It simply dries by itself, and it doesn’t leave traces from leakages.
5. Walls always like brand new
SILK PLASTER Liquid Wallpaper is made with unique technology. SILK PLASTER is light-resistant and frost-resistant. Therefore neither the African heat of the Sahara nor severe Siberian frosts will affect the quality of SILK PLASTER. Decorative SILK PLASTER doesn’t change colour and structure during covering and transporting. Light resistance of SILK PLASTER was tested over time in the Middle East where this decorative plaster is used for huge country houses as well as ordinary apartments. And Silk Plaster wallpaper looks like new even in 5 years of the scorching sun of Dubai.