About Us.

About the Company ‘Silk Plaster’

Founded in 1997, the company has become the leading well-recognized producer of Eco-friendly, healthy and affordable decorative wall covering product. All of the following led to the creation of SILK PLASTER. We are proud to say, that our wall coverings are still fixed on the walls of our very first clients. For already more than 17 years of existence the quality is our core objective. That's the reason why our company has developed its own multi-layered system of control, which reaches the high standards of production, control and supply. All products are tested on UV resistance tests, shrinkage tests, etc., what leads our product to great reviews. At SILK PLASTER, we largely invest in R&D, in order to improve our technologies, continuously produce better materials with more attractive characteristics.


Sustainability Certification:

Silk Plaster has the CE Mark, is certified in Europe and is constantly getting awards for its quality and environmentally –friendly values.  The Silk Plaster – wall covering material meets the requirements of AgBB-Scheme (Cologne, Germany), EU Declaration of Performance (DoP), Fire test (under COFRAC standards in France) and M1 emmision certificate of building materials (Helsinki, Finland).

Silk Plaster company has gained the international eco award for building and decorative materials “E3 Awards 2014” and after the rigorous assessment by experts received a certificate and an eco-quality label “E3 Ecology, Energy, Efficiency”

At the BIG5 exhibition Silk Plaster was officially awarded for being an Eco-Friendly product.